Easy Drum Filters

Filter 001

A4koi are pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary new drum filter for the UK called the EASY DRUM exclusive to a4koi.

Filter 002

There are 5 different models of drum filter in the EASY DRUM range what have been designed just for the U.K. market.

The easy drum 22, easy drum 35, easy drum 50, easy drum 65 and the largest one of the range being the easy drum 100 all model numbers correspond to the flow rates in Liters Per Hour, so you can instantly see which model is suited to your needs.


All the EASY DRUM body is made from 12mm polypropylene with heat welded corners both inside and out for added strength along with all bolts are made from 316 stainless steel.

Filter 004

The EASY DRUM comes with a 70-micron stainless steel screen what is heat bonded to the support frame.


Filter 003

All cleaning jet nozzles are made from 316 stainless steel which is supplied from a removable 1 inch grey pressure pipe.

Filter 005


All units are supplied with a high-pressure pump for the cleaning cycle.

The high-pressure pump runs at 4.6 bar during the cleaning process.


With the EASY DRUM there is also space for heat exchangers and UV’s what can be fitted inside every unit du to the clear height under the cleaning drum that can be supplied at extra cost and can be fitted as a retro fitting after if required.

Filter 006

One of the main features of the EASY DRUM drum filters is that is comes with an auto level shut down that will switch off whatever you plug into the control box e.g.: return pumps, auto feeder etc.

So, in the unlikely event that anything should fail or a major water loss occurs, then the control box will shut everything down to prevent burning out of pumps or the auto feeder dumping food into the pond with no filters working.

We think this is a key feature of the EASY DRUM.


With the EASY DRUM there is also one other great feature that being the waste Shute extends out from the body so you can see what amount of waste is being cleaned from your pond.

The EASY DRUM RANGE comes with a maximum of 6 tank connectors as standard that can be matched to your specific needs, e.g.: 3x110mm for inlet and 3x 2″ for outlet.

The real beauty of these EASY DRUM filters is they do not come pre-drilled, so for your convenience you have the choice as to where you fit the inlets and outlets, how many you need and what sizes. You can also add more at a later date.

Filter 007

The drum rotation motor is fitted directly to the gearbox on the exterior side of the outer drum casing

The gearbox is fitted with a 50nm slip clutch for safety.

The gearbox and motor are both IP65 rated and splash proof.


Each unit comes as a pre set cleaning time what is an 8 second clean and uses 1.25 liters of pond water from the clean side of the EASY DRUM but that can be adjusted for a longer or shorter period but we suggest no shorter than an 8 second clean.

The average time between cleans is around 15 – 20 minuets but this is dependent on how dirty your pond is and how much food is added so on an average week on a average clean pond it will use around 130 gallons per week of pond water on all of its cleaning cycles.

The flow rates of the easy drum range shown in the table below is a very conservative rate and is dependant on how much water is flowed into the easy drum through the inlets.

All electrical connections must be installed by a qualified electrician.

EASY DRUM 22 – 4,500 GPH – 22,000 LTRS HOUR = £2,550.
EASY DRUM 35 – 7,700 GPH – 35,000 LTRS HOUR = £3,250.
EASY DRUM 50 – 11,000 GPH – 50,000 LTRS HOUR = £5,550.
EASY DRUM 65 – 14,300 GPH – 65,000 LTRS HOUR = £6,250.
EASY DRUM 100 – 22,000 GPH – 100,000 LTRS HOUR = £7,550.

Drum Filter


Drum Filter Dimensons

Dimensions (cm)

1 2 3 Height Water Level
EASY DRUM – 22 960  620  470 520 300
EASY DRUM – 35 1090 720 650 820 570
EASY DRUM – 50 1150 820 800 1010 740
EASY DRUM – 65 1540 1240 670 820 570
EASY DRUM – 100 1540 1230 800 1010 740

Drum Filter Dimensons 2


Standard input:

  • Gravity fed

Tank connector:

  • 2×110 mm IN (front – dirty side) – EASY DRUM 22
  • 3x110mm IN (front – dirty side) – EASY DRUM 35, 50, 65
  • 4x110mm IN (front – dirty side) – EASY DRUM 100
  • 1x 50mm OUT (back – clean side) – EASY DRUM 22
  • 2x 110mm OUT (back – clean side) or 3x 50mm – EASY DRUM 35, 50, 65
  • 3x 110mm OUT (back – clean side) or 4x 50mm – EASY DRUM 100
  • 1x 32mm for High-pressure pump 4.6 bar

Polypropylene Parts:

  • Body
  • Drum
  • Waste collector (1x 110 Polypropylene welded tube 70mm)
  • Lid

Materials used:

  • Polypropylene body, drum, waste collector and lid
  • All stainless steel parts are 316
  • Seal ring – FPM
  • High-pressure PVC
  • Silicone sealing – Water tight seal against drum
  • Mounting height – Water level to lid height of drum filter 25cm

Specify flow: (standard flow)

  • Easy Drum 22 m3/h (drum diameter 38×40 cm) 4,500 GPH – 22,000 LPH
  • Easy Drum 35 m3/h (drum diameter 50×40 cm) 7,700 GPH – 35,000 LPH
  • Easy Drum 50 m3/h (drum diameter 65×40 cm) 11,000 GPH – 50,000 LPH
  • Easy Drum 65 m3/h (drum diameter 50×80 cm) 14,300 GPH – 65,000 LPH
  • Easy Drum 100 m3/h (drum diameter 65×80 cm) 22,000 GPH – 100,000 LPH


  • 50Nm,With safety Slip clutch

Screen panels:

  • 70 micron stainless steel 316, heat bonded to support frame


  • Flat Jet nozzles
  • High-pressure pump 4.6 bar
  • Waste collector quick assembly
  • Spray bar quick assembly, high-pressure PVC 40bar

Control Box:

  • Control cabinet IP 65
  • Hand control push button, at all times possible (push button on the front of the control cabinet)
  • Adjustable level measuring pins
  • Water and position detection. Led indication / outside of the control panel
  • Min. level detection/notification
  • Min. monitoring (prevents pumps running dry)
  • Rotating/rinse time selectable
  • 2 x outlets for: High-pressure pump / Gearbox


  • PDF Manual
  • Security rules
  • CE Declaration
  • 1 year warranty on all parts (ex. screen elements)
  • Warranty is untransferable from original purchaser

Optional Extras:

  • Amalgam 40w submersible UVC – £345 – Suitable for Easy Drum 22/35/50
  • Amalgam 80w submersible UVC – £455 – Suitable for Easy Drum 65/100
  • Dirty side + waste shute cover – £25
  • 6m Heat coil for Easy Drum 35/50 – £270
  • 12m Heat coil for Easy Drum 65/100 – £330