Bakki Showers

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These are genuine ‘Momotaro Bakki Showers’, and their amazing results have resulted in many expensive copies being made. Momotaro Bakki Showers are the only ones that use the ‘Bacteria House’ filter media, which incidentally, is where the secret lies! Accept no alternatives.

Bakki Showers are offered at two price points… ‘Standard’, or ‘Premier’, with various weir or chute options being available. These systems are of the same design shape, with the main difference between the two, being slightly simplified construction techniques on the cheaper system.

‘Bakki Showers’ and ‘Bacteria House’ are patented Worldwide by Momotaro Koi Farm. Our systems are the only ones made under license from Momotaro.

Because of the sheer expense of ‘Bacteria House’, we are doing our utmost to keep the Shower prices to a bare minimum, so that the overall package represents excellent value for money.

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We are happy to sell three tier systems, but strongly recommend the use of four tiers, as it is essential that the water has the chance to increase in velocity between the four tiers. More tiers will give better results.

We also strongly recommend sticking to the use of Bacteria House in these systems. Other medias will work to a degree in certain aspects, but only Bacteria House will work if these systems are used as the sole filtration.

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Bakki Shower prices start as follows:-

Premier 4 tier system with bottom exit £720

Package price for Premier 4 teir system Full exit weir with 50kgs of Bacteria House £1550

Premier 4 tier double system with bottom exit £1225

Package price for Premier 4 teir double system with full exit weir with 100kgs bacteria house £2900

Bacteria House filter media (10kg box) Call for price

‘Polycarb’ insulation mounting brackets £65 set.

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All of our Bakki Showers are made in 316 food grade stainless steel. We have tried making cheaper plastic alternatives, but it has proved impossible to get a system that had the advantages of the Stainless steel models.

The biggest problem we experienced with plastic, was that it was only viable to have a drilled bottom, which was prone to regular blocking and trapping of debris. So we have decided to stick solely to the stainless Bakki Showers.

All of our Bakki Showers have an open square mesh bottom. These units are stamped out by computerised machinery, in such a way that the sides of the systems are integrated with the mesh, making them much stronger than they would be with a welded mesh.

They are also fuse welded so that no metal is added to the welds. It is the computer cutting of the steel that results in the edges so be so accurately cut, that fuse welding is possible. This ensures that the welds won’t rust like conventional stainless welds. Also, the nuts that are used to attach the support brackets, are pressed, not welded.

We have paid great attention to detail with these systems, and spared no expense!

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The overall flaring of each tier of the Shower ensures that no water is spilled by the system (this was a minor problem with the discontinued ‘version 2’), and also keeps the water tracking evenly through the media. The older systems used to allow water to track down the vertical sides of the system, hence missing some of the media by the time it got to the bottom tier.

The flaring of the ‘version 3’ systems prevents this by making sure that as the water runs of the outer extremities of the system, it is thrown back directly onto the media in the next tier. There are endless options available for these systems, as well as bespoke units which can be made to suit your own application. Enclosure accessories are also available, for ‘over-winter’, or open air applications.