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Date Posted: 05/03/2010

We are very happy to announce that a4koi have now added a short video clip to most of the koi, of the koi in Japan and the koi for sale pages . Each koi that has the video clip added to it has a logo just under the reference number of the koi so you will not have to search through them to find a clip . We think this improvement will help not just our koi sales it will also help you see a moving koi and give you a better view of the koi . Having a video clip of the koi will be the next best thing to seeing the koi in the flesh and could help you make your mind up. This new addition to the website will also help when a4koi is in japan as we can now show off the koi that are in Japan and the future koi to stay in Japan . Still don't take my word for it go and have a look at it and make up your own mind , Many thanks a4koi team .