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Date Posted: 01/12/2008

Hello all . A4koi are very happy to announce that the new shipment of koi will be landing in the uk on Tuesday 9th of December and will go through the strict 4 week heat treatment regime . The new koi will be up for viewing from saterday 13th of December by appointment only and can be purchased but will not be able to leave a4koi and will have to be collected when the heat treatment is finished . We are very excited of this shipment of koi this year as the quality of koi is fantastic and not to be missed . We also have many smaller koi on this shipment what have not been added to the website so there will be many koi to chose from large or small koi to grow on through the colder months . If you wish to come and view the new koi just drop us a line or email of what date and time you would like to visit and we will have the kettle on . Look forward to seeing you . Many thanks Darren