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Date Posted: 19/10/2014

just to say i am at Heathrow airport soon to get on a plane to amsterdam then a short wait to get on the second flight to osaka japan
this trip should be good for you with the yen looking very favourable what will make the koi prices better this year 🙂

we will be visiting the normal breeders - omosako - matsue- okawa- ueno - takigawa and momotaro

please keep your eyes peeled to the website for what we have to offer

i will try to up load photos every day wifi permitting

any koi can be purchased and may have the option to leave the koi in japan for a growing on fee what is around 40,000 yen but that will be sorted at the time of request .

well wish me luck in my search for the wonder full koi to bring back to the uk for you

don't forget to join the a4koi Facebook group and chat4koi forum

thanks darren

AUTUMN 2014  - Picture