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Date Posted: 21/03/2014

well i am at the airport at heathrow were the start of my long journey begins , i fly from heathrow to amsterdam and then on to osaka japan were i will be on the search for some wonderful koi for you all .
we hope to find many koi to suit all pockets what you will find to your liking and to suit your pocket .
we will be doing a day to day blog on our Facebook page along with the chat4koi forum and the Facebook a4koi group .
please feel free to drop in and see what i have been up to , you will also see the koi we have to offer on the " NEW KOI " section on the website .
if you see any koi like and would like to purchase please don't hesitate to contact me with your request .
we will also on this trip be on the lookout for the koi for our grow and show koi competition so keep on the look out for them and get your name down if you wish to take part .

many thanks