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Date Posted: 14/03/2011

First of all I would like to say sorry for the lack of newsletters over the last few months but things have been a little hectic here with pond building and the day to day running of a4koi.

Anyway, a4koi have now managed to book their next Japan trip ☺ As you can imagine this has not been easy! There has been a large rush of tickets being snapped up caused by airports being shut down and putting a load on other airports along with us doing last minute flight booking.
We know things are not too good in Japan at the moment with the terrible troubles over there. This has mostly affected the northern parts of Japan but we have had confirmation that all is normal in southern Japan.
We will be heading out to Japan on March 27th and coming back to the UK on April 6th, on the trip we will be visiting all the top breeders in southern Japan including Omosako, Yamatoya, Okawa, Ueno, Takigawa, Matsue and Momotaro with a few other new ones to visit and see their stocks.
All the day-to-day updates will be posted on with photos along with the recent koi we will have purchased. These will also be added to the website daily.
If you would like us to search for that special koi for you please drop us an email with your requirements. We will email photos of various koi fitting your criteria for you to select from.
We will do our utmost to source that special koi for you & only if we feel the koi is the right koi for you and not to just get our commission.
We will be selecting mainly tosai, at all levels, but there will be a few nisai for our stocks for the coming year so please keep a look out at our spring koi for sale pages.
We will also be sourcing small tosai for this year chat4koi grow and show competition.
Entry to this is available to every member of the forum.
If you would like to take part please join the forum and place you name down.
You can take part and have a chance of winning an a4koi voucher with the winner being chosen by votes cast by all forum members.
To join in please go to

Many thanks Darren