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Spring 2009

Date Posted: 13/02/2009

Hi all we are very happy to say our spring 2009 trip dates have now all been sorted and booked. I will be flying out of Heathrow on the morning of 20th march and I will be returning on April the 4th. On this trip I will be visiting all of the regular breeders and I will also have some time to visit a few new ones to me to see what koi they have to offer? As always I will be running day to day post on and with a little extra this trip as I will have some video posted on the site as well as still photos. So feel free to join up and see first hand what koi we will have to offer. If you have a special koi you would like us to source for you just drop me a email or by phone and we will do what we can to find you that koi . Many thanks Darren.