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Date Posted: 21/10/2013

Good morning

Very sorry for the lack of news letters but lots have been going on here at a4koi with all the re vamps of some of the ponds with upgrading to easy drum filters.

Any way

On Wednesday 23rd October I will be heading off to Japan for the autumn harvests I know it a little later than Norman but had to do a few more things here before I could go to Japan.

I will be going to the normal top breeders - omosako momotaro matsue takigawa okawa and if there is time a few other breeders and taking in the hiroshima koi show.

I will be doing a daily blog on the link is on the homepage of the website if you wish to follow my trip.

If you would like me to search for that special koi for you please drop me a email or call me but remember the time difference so email would work better.

This trip will be for nissai – 2 year old koi but may find some other koi too ?

So wish me luck

Thanks Darren

AUTUMN TRIP 2013  - Picture