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Date Posted: 14/12/2010

We at a4koi are very happy to announce that we will have the shipment of new Koi on Thursday 16th what was selected on our last Japan trip this autumn we know it has been a bit of a wait but due to a few complications on the shipping details what was out of our hands and could not do anything about this but now the shipping company in Japan has now got a place on a flight for our Koi at long last!
The long wait for the Koi will be worth it I am sure you will agree when you see them in the flesh as we feel we have sourced some of the best Koi available on offer in the uk we also feel they are some of the best Koi available for the price they are for sale.
There will be available viewing of the Koi from Friday 17th but the koi can not leave the premises until the quarantine period is over so if you wish to book a viewing of the Koi can you please call the office on 0118 9272200 or email Darren on as it is a appointment only as we do not want over crowding as we like to have time to spend with each and everyone to discuss the Koi with you but what we feel we could not do if it was not a appointment only so please call and book your visit asap and we look forward in seeing you .

Many thanks