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2010 Grow & Show

Date Posted: 14/05/2010

A4Koi Grow & Show open day

The 13th June 2010 see’s the beginning of another grow & show this time using Okawa Shiro Utsuri’s. These 90 tosai of approx 22cm were picked by us on our spring trip for the bargain price of £85 entry. So far we have 27 people from the chat4koi forum taking part and it will a maximum of 30 places. It is a forum member’s only competition but it is easy to join the forum to take part. To join in simply register at :-

The picking order will be randomly allocated by drawing names out of a hat on the day with each person having three minutes to make their choice. So as you can see even the person picking last will have plenty of choice and should get a koi they are happy with – we hope!

The koi will be photographed before the picking day and numbered and placed on the board for all to see to give plenty of time to make there short list and then again in twelve months time with the winner being chosen by the members of the Chat4koi forum in a voting system.
The prize is a voucher to spend at A4Koi to the value of the entry of the competition – so the winner gets their koi for FREE! Along with a large grow & show trophy what is held by the winner for one year and then handed to the new winner of the following year.
There will be a BBQ and drinks supplied all day for free to everyone so we hope to see you there to take part in all the fun.
If you would like to come along please could you call or send a email to let us know so we can get an idea of numbers.

Thanks Darren