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Date Posted: 10/05/2010

We are very happy to announce that the new koi what was selected on our last Japan buying trip will be landing in the UK on Thursday the 13th of May. The new koi can be viewed from Saturday the 15th of May but no koi will leave a4koi until the quarantine period had finished. If you would like to come along and view the new koi please let us know and make your appointment. Also many koi are on the website but we will be taking new photos of some of the koi to update there photos also we will be putting more koi to the website as soon as the koi are in at a4koi so keep looking at the koi for sale pages. We will also be offering a growing on service this year so your koi can stay at a4koi to grow on and that we can develop your koi for you. We are also running a grow & show computation of shiro utsuri from okawa koi farm what you can find out all info along with photos of the koi at what is a free chat site but it is a member only site what is free to join, so we will like to see you there ? Many thanks the a4koi team