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Date Posted: 08/03/2010

a4koi have now booked there next Japan trip , We will be heading out to Japan on March 24th and coming back to the Uk on April 6th , on the trip we will be visiting Omosako , Yamatoya , Okawa , Ueno , Takigawa , Matsue and Momotaro with a few new ones to visit . On the trip we will be attending the Momotaro auction along with attending the 28th All Japan Young Koi Show .All the day to day updates will be posted on with photos and the recent koi we will have purchased . If you would like us to search for that special koi for you please drop us a email with your requirements and we will do or utmost to source that koi for you only if we feel the koi is the right koi for you and not to just get our commission. We can also place a bid on any koi on your behalf if you wish in the Momotaro auction, the photos of the auction koi will be on Momotaro's website soon . We will be selecting mostly tosai but there will be a few nisai for our stocks for the year so please keep a look out at are spring koi for sale pages .